How to book a consultation

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is to get in touch by email or through my web contact form.  I aim to respond within one working day with consultation information and an idea of when I can visit.

questionnaire and vet referral form

Prior to my visit I ask you to complete two forms - a vet referral form and a pre-consultation questionnaire.  There is no need to get these completed before booking, and I will send you this information when you first get in touch, but you may want to get a head start!

Pre-consultation questionnaire

So I can review the details of your pet's behaviour, I ask that you download and complete the relevant consultation questionnaire, and email or post it to me prior to my visit:

Vet referral form

Due to the importance of ruling out medical factors for your pet's unwanted behaviour, and because I view your vet as a partner in the behaviour consultation process, I require that your case is formally referred to me from your vet. Don't worry, this simply involves you and your vet completing the very short form below. You can send this referral form to me before the consultation, or I can pick it up on the day of my visit.

Edinburgh dog and cat behaviourist Mat Ward
It is difficult to put into words my gratitude, so I can only highly recommend your services for all those dog owners that would like assistance to have the perfect pet. If a miracle can take place with Sparky being such a difficult pet, then there is hope for all dogs.
— Frances Louard
I had come to dread every outing with Holly, but now she appears to be paying more attention to us and is much more responsive. I think I can safely say that Holly’s life has been transformed for the better and she is very happy.
— Margaret, Scottish Borders
Another dog owner we had not seen for a while commented on how much calmer Buster seemed to be with his dog (an Airedale). It is amazing how your advice has been so effective.
— Fran and Pete Jones, Edinburgh