The consultation process

Behaviour consultations are held at your home, or in the environment where your dog or cat's unwanted behaviour is occurring. This allows me to best assess the various factors contributing to the behaviour you are concerned about, so that the most effective treatment plan can be developed.

During the consultation I will explore the possible causes for the problem both through conversation with you, and by observation of your dog or cat. An assessment of your pet's behaviour will then be provided, and I will work with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that as practical and effective as possible.

I will teach you any training techniques that are necessary as part of the treatment plan.

I service an area within 40 miles of Edinburgh, Scotland, so primarily cover Edinburgh, the Lothians, Scottish Borders, Falkirk, and Fife.

I can never thank Mat enough for resolving this problem in just one visit. His expertise, patience, and understanding has greatly improved the quality of both my life and that of my dogs.
— Sheila Graham, Kelso.

The home consultation package includes:

Consultation:  The consultation itself, for as long as it takes - normally 2 to 3 hours. 

Written report:  A report summarising my assessment of your pet's behaviour, and the recommendations that I made during the consultation. 

Ongoing support:  Ongoing telephone and email support if necessary to ensure the treatment program is progressing as effectively as possible.

Correspondence with your vet. 

Insurance coverage for my fees:  As I am a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist and member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, my fees are often covered by pet insurance plans.  Please check with your insurer.

The cost

The cost of the home consultation package is £340 (weekdays) or £450 (evenings). 

Travel will be charged at 50p/mile return from EH414QA, East Linton, East Lothian.  

Estimate the travel distance.

Follow-up sessions

During the initial consultation I aim to provide you with all the information and techniques necessary to resolve your pet's behavioural problem. Often this initial consultation and subsequent telephone or email support is all that is required. However, follow-up sessions are usually very beneficial, and I recommend them. I charge a discounted rate of £150 for these sessions (plus travel).